A cost-effective alternative to our 100% pure sheep wool insulation is Thermafleece insulation. Thermafleece offers a great range of insulation rolls and slabs based on natural materials. If you want to steer clear of fibreglass or chemical-based insulation materials, but don’t have the budget for pure sheep wool, Thermafleece is a great choice.

All Thermafleece’s products are suitable for DIY, as well as being great value for money and helping to prevent damp. They are a more eco-friendly solution than fully manmade insulation materials, and there are no itchy fibres given off when you move them around.

Thermafleece products


CosyWool – available in rolls- is a great product for those who want a sheep-wool rich insulation. It is 75% sheep wool, combined with a small amount of polyester to help bind the fibres and make it easier to handle. It can be used in the loft, under floorboards or on walls to help keep your home warm.

As well as having great thermal insulation qualities, it also helps to regulate humidity in the home and reduce the risk of damp and condensation. The effectiveness of most insulation materials is affected in humid conditions, but CosyWool works just as well when it absorbs water vapour.

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Thermafleece’s Original insulation comes in slabs, which are easy to fit securely between your joists and rafters. Comprised of 85% sheep wool, it’s the nearest thing to pure sheep wool insulation at a fraction of the price! A great medium-density insulation, it’s highly durable and effective in reducing heat transfer, keeping your home at a comfortable temperature. It’s also highly breathable.

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UltraWool – sold in slabs – contains 75% sheep wool and is an easy to fit, efficient insulation choice. It’s sustainably made and its thermal performance is unrivalled compared to other materials of its thickness and price. If you want a sustainably-made insulation that will insulate effectively in small amounts, UltraWool is the product to go for.

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NatraHemp is a bit different in that it is not made with sheep wool, but – you guessed it – hemp. The slabs are made from a fast-growing, low-impact crop that produces fine fibre ideal for insulation. It’s a natural, sustainable option, and hemp helps the environment by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air as it grows. As well as being the ethical choice, it also insulates brilliantly and is also breathable. This means its performance is not damaged if it gets damp.

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