We often get asked by customers if we have an easy way to compare our different insulating materials in one place. Up until now we didn’t… But now we do!

This table shows you the different thicknesses available for each product, plus whether it comes in slabs or rolls, its coverage per pack, the cost per metre squared, and its thermal conductivity.

We hope this makes it easier to pick the best insulation product for you!

Product Thickness Slabs/rolls Coverage (m2 per pack) Cost per m2 Thermal conductivity
Thermafleece CosyWool 50mm Rolls 14.43 £4.16 0.039W/mK
75mm Rolls 9.44 £6.36 0.039W/mK
100mm Rolls 7.22 £8.31 0.039W/mK
150mm Rolls 4.77 £12.58 0.039W/mK
Thermafleece UltraWool 50mm Slabs 14.04 £8.55 0.035W/mK
70mm Slabs 9.83 £12.21 0.035W/mK
90mm Slabs 8.42 £14.25 0.035W/mK
Thermafleece NatraHemp 50mm Slabs 21.31 £6.31 0.039W/mK
70mm Slabs 15.98 £8.41 0.039W/mK
100mm Slabs 10.66 £12.61 0.039W/mK
Thermafleece Original 50mm Slabs 19.66 £6.35 0.038W/mK
75mm Slabs 12.64 £9.87 0.038W/mK
100mm Slabs 9.83 £12.69 0.038W/mK
Comfort 100mm Rolls 4.56 £12.87 0.042W/mK
150mm Rolls 3.42 £17.16 0.042W/mK
Optimal 50mm Rolls 10.26 £7.50 0.0385W/mK
75mm Rolls 6.84 £11.25 0.0385W/mK
Premium 100mm Rolls 4.56 £19.51 0.0359W/mK
150mm Rolls 3.42 £27.77 0.0359W/mK