The lifespan of different insulating materials varies widely, and most of them require a bit of looking after! If you want insulation that you can just install and then forget about, 100% pure sheep wool is the perfect choice. You won’t be worrying about conditions in your loft, unlike with other insulating materials.

Fibreglass, foam board, rock wool and spray foam insulation are all estimated to last a minimum of 1oo years, but this is really dependent on how well it’s looked after.

Sheep wool is not affected by damp

The types of insulation just mentioned need to be kept dry in order to perform. Once they get wet their insulating properties are compromised and water can get trapped between boards and walls, encouraging damp and mould. Even if you manage to dry out the insulation, it may have settled into a different shape, leaving spaces unevenly filled. However, our sheep wool insulation actively regulates moisture, so it is not affected by damp. It is able to absorb about 30% of its weight in water without losing any thermal insulation performance.The core of the sheep wool fibre is hygroscopic, meaning it absorbs water vapour – perfect for loft spaces, where condensation is common.

Another edge sheep wool insulation has over fibreglass is that it is less affected by compression. Squashing fibreglass wool also reduces its thermal resistance value. Avoiding putting anything on top of the insulation is easier said than done in your attic, which is probably where you store all those boxes you moved in with 5 years ago and haven’t got around to opening…

Our sheep wool insulation doesn’t degrade and is treated against moths and insects. Untreated sheep wool can be a haven for moths and before you know it, 200mm of insulation can become a lot less! Unlike borax,  which is commonly used to treat sheep wool insulation, our treatment is 100% natural and also permanent.

Sheep wool insulation can be reused

While most insulating materials are billed as lasting ‘as long as your house’, sheep wool insulation can outlive any of these because if you move house, you can take it with you! This makes the cost worthwhile even if you think you may not stay put where you are forever. Solid insulation boards are easy to damage if knocked, but sheep wool is easy to relocate, within or outside of your home.

All this, plus unrivalled thermal performance, no chemicals and air filtering qualities. And of course it’s sustainable too!

  • Comfort Sheep Wool Insulation 100mm

  • Optimal Sheep Wool Insulation 50mm

  • Premium Sheep Wool Insulation 100mm