Our 100% sheep wool insulation is totally natural. Other options, although cheaper, can be less effective because plastic binders are melted into the wool. This means it loses some of the qualities which make it such a great choice in the first place.

If you’ve chosen sheep wool insulation because it is eco-friendly, this may be disappointing news. Some companies boast that their insulation is made from ‘95% natural fibres’. We can do better than that!

Our sheep wool insulation combats indoor air pollution

We think it’s a shame to waste a natural product by mixing it with a load of chemicals. One of the reasons 100% sheep wool insulation is so great is that it helps to purify the air in your home, keeping you and your family healthy. It helps to soak up nasty toxins and cancer-causing VOCs such as formaldehyde (which is released by everyday household products and even the fabric of your home).  This works because of the unique shape of its fibres. Chemical binders in some products mean that it loses some of its ability to filter air through these fibres.

Our sheep wool insulation regulates moisture

Another disadvantage of sheep wool insulation containing chemicals is that it loses some of its ability to regulate humidity in the home. The change in its makeup means it becomes less breathable, and less able to absorb and dissipate moisture.

Our 100% pure sheep wool product is hygroscopic, meaning it can soak up 33% of its own weight in water before its insulating properties are reduced. This helps prevent condensation settling in your loft, potentially causing damp and structural issues.

Our sheep wool insulation is easy to mould

Clearly, sheep wool is a very soft material, which means that it can be shaped and cut easily to fit into any space. When mixed with plastics, it becomes harder to cut. Our 100% sheep wool insulation is also fully recyclable, unlike products containing chemicals. 

Our sheep wool insulation is the true eco choice

Unfortunately, untreated sheep wool can become a haven for moths and insects. It needs to be treated to prevent this. There is another option instead of insecticides such as borax, though. Our 100% pure sheep wool insulation is treated without chemicals so we don’t waste a natural product by spoiling it at the last minute. We use plasma ionic treatment to alter the texture of the sheep wool, rendering it inedible to insects.

With our sheep wool insulation, you can make sure you’re getting a truly effective and eco-friendly product!