Chimney Sheep Draught Excluder

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This ingenious but ever-so-simple product is designed to banish cold draughts once and for all!

The chimney sheep is made from 100% pure Herdwick sheep wool and is simply positioned up the chimney where it stops any draughts entering the home.

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Is there a Chimney Sheep to fit every chimney?

They come in numerous different sizes to match the size of your chimney – they can also be trimmed relatively easily if need be. Therefore, if in doubt always oversize.


  • 7″/191mm
  • 10″/255mm
  • 12″/300mm
  • 15″/380mm


  • 15.5″ x 6″ / 400mm x 150mm
  • 20″ x 12″ / 500mm x 300mm
  • 28″ x 14″ / 700mm x 350mm


  • 13″ x 13″ / 325mm x 325mm

How much could a Chimney Sheep save me?

It is estimated that you could be losing £50 worth of heat up each chimney in your home each year. Minimising this wastage will obviously help you save significantly on your energy bills and the payback could be just one winter!

Can’t I just block the chimney with newspaper?

Blocking the chimney with newspaper or pillows is cheap, but far from ideal. Firstly it creates a risk of fire, (the Chimney Sheep doesn’t burn but self-extinguishes). Secondly, if rain comes down the chimney the newspaper will get wet and fall out in a big mess, whereas the Chimney Sheep stays firmly secure.

You can install as much insulation in your loft, floor and walls as much as you like but leaving chimneys unblocked is a real efficiency no-no. Use the Chimney Sheep to block the cold draughts whenever you aren’t using the fire.

Weight 0.00002 kg

10″/255mm, 12″/300mm, 13″ x 13″ /325mm x 325mm, 14″ x 36″ / 350mm x 920mm, 15.5″ x 6″/ 400mm x 150mm, 15″/380mm, 20″ x 12″ / 500mm x 300mm, 20″ x 8″ / 500mm x 200mm, 28″ x 14″ / 700mm x 350mm, 7.5″/191mm

1 review for Chimney Sheep Draught Excluder

5.00 out of 5
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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    A quick and easy way to fraught proof chimney. Excellent product!


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